Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jimmy's Seafood & Oyster Bar

I love good seafood. What's good to me is not necessarily what's good to many folks in this area though. For instance, I do not like seafood such as you'd find at Mayflower or Libby Hill. It has to be prepared properly and have good flavor...and I don't mean the flavor of grease. My boyfriend and I tried Jimmy's about two months ago and really enjoyed it. Then, about a three weeks ago, I found Jimmy's listed on I'd never purchased anything on, but I decided to give it a try. I bought a $25 gift certificate for only $10. I made the purchase on Friday, printed out the certificate, and we ate there on Saturday. What a bargain! We had a wonderful meal for only $27 (including our tip). Things got even better last week. I got an email from advertising $25 gift certificates for only $4 !!! Unbelievable but true. I bought another for Jimmy's and two more for other places I wanted to try. You have to read the details and be sure you go on the allowed days of the week, but it's such a great deal. And I definitely didn't mind leaving the required tip at Jimmy's because our service has always been excellent there. You can buy the certificates for restaurant in any zip code. I'm going to check before I go on vacation. You can't go wrong at Jimmy's, and you can't go wrong with saving money either. One more thing about Jimmy's... Folks say you should never order anything but seafood at a seafood place. However, I ordered the ribeye last weekend, and it was incredible. It was as good as what I've had at steak houses. Honestly.

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