Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Economic Stimulus Rebate

My economic stimulus rebate showed up in my bank account last week. I usually hold on to my income tax refund, but I'm spending this. I'm kinda investing it in my children. I'm spending the whole thing on a beach house for a week. They will be there the whole week, but I'm only there for the first 4 days. Their dad is coming down mid-week and will stay the remaining three days with them. It's been 8 years since they've had a vacation with their dad (before the divorce). They are SO excited, and he is too. My parents, and probably my friends too, think I'm nuts, but I really feel great about it. After all, I'm not giving up anything since we never stay more than 4 days at the beach, and it's not money I was actually expecting. Plus, my daughter is almost 16, and she won't even be interested in a vacation with her parents soon. Besides, losing my sisters so young has changed my perspective on "waiting" to do things. Maybe we should all take half of our economic stimulus checks and do something nice for someone else. Somebody that would not expect it from us...like an ex.

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