Monday, January 26, 2009


I got engaged on October 11, 2008, to a wonderful man I'd been dating since April 29, 2007. He's truly a blessing and a gift from God. We didn't set the date or even the approximate date right away. He didn't want to propose empty-handed so he gave me a CZ ring (white gold) until we could pick out the real thing together. I was overwhelmed with the options for rings in the jewelry store & its catalog and did some browsing online. My daughter and I took a picture to the jewelry store on January 2, and he had what I wanted in stock! Tim secretly asked for time off in October when the 2009 vacation calendar was posted at his job. We've set the date for October 17th! It's our favorite month, and we've taken romantic trips at that time for the past 2 years. Now to figure out what type of wedding (how much of one) we want and how much to celebrate and with how many people. We started out wanting to go to Bermuda, but it's really expensive. A retired friend mentioned his timeshare to me back in July, and his offer is still open. Therefore, we're probably going to Cancun! The Sun Palace Resort is all-inclusive and beautiful! Lots to plan.

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